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Wevolve Labs & Art Island




Austin, TX



Nicholas DeBruyne, Maria Gotay, Marshall Lowry, Rama Chavali, Peter Smichenko, Sandro Caruccio, Raisch Bomblanovich, Steph Chen, HR Wright, Dom Davis, Morgan Baker, Lauren Schroeder, Chloé Carcamo, Marcelo V., Jasmine M., Liz Bryant
Art Island and Wevolve Labs co-created a one-of-a-kind art raft and maiden voyage community event. Built by a collective team of volunteers over a 2 month period, the raft ultimately serves as a flexible stage for Art Island events. Designed by Wevolve Labs with assembly and disassembly in mind, the raft is built in 8 parts for ease of transportation and on-the-water assembly. The structure is made primarily from off-the-shelf lumber and 55-gallon drums that formerly contained organic coconut oil, the raft is designed to support more than 3000 pounds, including the "nest" on the upper deck. Importantly, the project also featured facade tiles designed by the collective and co-created by participants who left their artistic mark on the one side of the tiles.
Making of:
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