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1000 Hands


Burning Man Project




Black Rock City



Lead Artist: Nicholas DeBruyne, Lead Producer: Maria Gotay, Tech: Janitha Karunaratne & Lauren Schroeder, Materials: Morgan Baker, Volunteer Coordinators: Jordan Miller & Liz Bryant, Marketing/Fundraising: Max Puglisi, Ariel Kornfeld & Sabrina Reitman, Build: John McMenamin, Kayleigh DeBruyne, Rama Chavali, Marshall Lowry, Sandro Caruccio & Margaret Heidrick, Chef: Maite Aizpurua, Transportation: Davison Herberg, Graphic Design: Marcelo Villanseñor, Documentarian: Max Richardson-Reitman With Special Thanks - Peter Platzgummer, Katie Hazard, Clovis, Weapons Grade, BM Art Support Services, BM Documentation Crew, The ARTery crew, The DMV, Turtle and the Burning Flipside crew, Creative Action, Laguna Gloria, and Sky Candy/Highbrow Lowbrow Teams. & the 500+ volunteers and donors that made it all happen.
Built in collaboration with Art Island ATX, “1000 Hands” is a 56 ft tall collectively-made tapestry built as a monument to the power of creativity and community. It depicts an abstract fiery landscape by day and a serene mountain scene by night, weaving together our climate fears and hopes for the future. As the name “1000 Hands” suggests, this artwork was co-created by involvement of over 500 participants who came together to create this work though open studio work sessions and community outreach programs. The final tapestry stands as a testament to the transformative power of creativity and connection, reminding us that together we can create something far greater than any individual contribution. The completed work moved at the mercy of mother nature, enduring high winds in a constant state of fluctuation. By night, programed LEDs transformed the tapestry into a dynamic organic display. At a certain viewpoint, the tapestry aligned with the mountain landscape in the background acting as a sky portal reminding us the sun will always rise again. Participants were invited to swing and sway from the base of the tapestry, experiencing the "the weight of the world on their shoulders,” while witnessing the ripple effect of their actions across the entire tapestry. In this way, participants become an integral part of the artwork, co-creators of this masterpiece that reflects the potential we all have to affect change through our action. Thank you to the 500+ volunteers and donors that made it all happen!
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