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Hutch Cabin






Austin, TX




Nicholas DeBruyne

Designed like a piece of flat-pack furniture using CNC technology, Hutch is a modular DIY cabin kit.

Starting with a mission that anyone can build an artfully crafted space with ease so they can spend more time enjoying life’s simple pleasures, Hutch offers a solution for anyone to get started on their own cabin project with little time and no special skills. The off-grid shelter is an ideal solution for land-owners looking to generate income with unique glamping or camping vacation rentals catering to customers who want to get outdoors.

The design allows for a variety of configurations that open and close for different use cases. For example, the Hutch can open completely for maximum natural ventilation and connection to the nature, or close for a more cozy setting. The folding doors offer customizable privacy screening in a group setting, and the folding deck open extends the usable floor area. At the end of a season or longer periods between use, Hutch can fold up completely for protection and security.

With sustainability at the forefront of the design, this cabin offers a hark back to a more primitive life. Features such as building with timber, design for assembly and disassembly, off grid living, utilization of renewable bio-based materials, and treading lightly on the land are ways that the design addresses climate change

Modular box-like units can be CNC cut out of .75” plywood, tagged, and flat packed for shipment. Once received, the parts can be easily assembled into modules, which can then be bolted together in combination with off-the-shelf lumber to form the structural shell of the cabin. This system also allows for future disassembly and expansion.

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