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Do-it-Together Tower


Dezeen x Mini Living




London, UK


Shortlisted, Dezeen x MINI Living


Nicholas DeBruyne, Ryan Donald

Do-It-Together Tower is a shortlisted Dezeen x MINI living Urban Futures competition proposal for 3D printed houses and communal living. The Urban Futures competition asked designers to envision an urban house for life 100 years in the future. The project was shortlisted from over 400 international proposals.

DIT Tower builds upon existing maker space and DIY culture to envision a future where residents of a self-made tower have complete freedom and autonomy to create whatever they like with their own space. Residents can utilize communal robotic 3D printers on each floor to build, adapt, recycle, grow and change their living spaces however and whenever they want. Together, residents create a vibrant ‘neighborhood in the sky’ that offers maximum creative freedom from the individual to the collective scale.

Shortlist: Do-It-Together Tower, Dezeen x Mini Living Urban Futures Competition, 2018


Floor Plan of proposed 3D printed unit

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