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Austin, TX




Nicholas DeBruyne

Cocoon is an unbuilt proposal that draws inspiration from the biology of flora and fauna in the Texas Hill Country, incorporating native plants, grasses, and seeds into its bio-plastic skin harvested in collaboration with the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin Texas.

Formed around a bent-wood frame, the wood structure takes cues from the traditional and indigenous craft of basketry at an architectural scale. The nest-like base is formed using hempcrete, a renewable and durable building material made using hemp and lime.

The inhabitable form resembles a nest, providing a calm, soft space for children to explore, sparking curiosity and a sense of connection to the natural world at Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center.
Bio-Nest directly supports LBJ Wildfower Center’s mission to inspire the conservation of native plants. The project is an exploration in sustainable practice, provoking conversation on how we can partake in the new circular economy by designing with nature, tradition, and abundant local materials.

Detail of bio-plastic skin

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