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Completed 2019 Burning Man Honorarium Recipient

Archaeopteryx (pronounced arch-ee-op-ter-rix) is a kinetic light sculpture that debuted at Burning Man Festival 2019, designed to bring people together.

Rising from the dust, our sculpture invited participants to touch, explore, and inhabit. In order to activate her fullest potential; people had to work together. Through collaboration, participants were able to mobilize her 20ft wingspan and activate beautiful illuminating light graphics.

Named after the first bird known to evolve from the ancient dinosaur, the work is centered around the theme of evolution. The Archaeopteryx marked an important leap in the story of evolution on earth, and the project is a physical and symbolic reminder that in order for humans to evolve, we must work together.

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2019 Burning Man Honorarium
Award of Excellence, The Necklace Factory


Making of Archaeopteryx: This logistically complex project in the middle of the desert was accomplished through a collaborative team effort.
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