Project: Bio-Lantern

Location: Hackney, London

Year: 2019

Team:  Nicholas DeBruyne, Mark Ransley, Zoë Powell

Bio-Lantern is an environmentally conscious pavilion made entirely from materials that are natural, abundant, and local.  Its biodegradable skin is a bio-plastic material developed from the site, without the use of petroleums typically found in commercialized plastic. 


Through this material research, its interactive data display, a program of events, and cradle to cradle approach, it aims to shine a light on the many environmental challenges facing our future city.  Underlying it all is a do-it-yourself making spirit that celebrates the power of creativity.

bio plastic pavilion

Bio-Composite Material Research:

Working closely with researchers from Materiom, the first open-source library of bio-materials, we experimented to develop a special bio-composite used for the skin made from duckweed found at the site, red algae, seaweed powder, and other all-natural ingredients.